How to activate Facebook Comments

There are many people which are confused and face different problems during the activation of the Facebook Comments plugin on their blog detail pages. The activation process is pretty simple and contains very easy configuration steps for activating the Facebook comments section on your blog. The main steps for displaying the Facebook Comments on your blog are described below.

Steps for activating Facebook Comments Plugin

It is a two step process which is required in activating the Facebook comments on your blog. The two step process is very easy and will help you to display the Facebook comments on your blog posts.

  1. Add Facebook App ID
  2. Enable Facebook Comment Section

Facebook App ID

There are many people which don’t know what is Facebook App ID and from where they can get the Facebook App ID. It is important to know what Facebook App ID is and how it works.

What is Facebook App ID

Your app will have a unique app ID. You will use this ID whenever you request Facebook API for displaying different Facebook applications on your website.

How to get Facebook App ID

To start with, navigate your browser to the Facebook Developers page. You’ll be asked to login to your Facebook account. Once you will be logged in you can follow the steps of getting your Facebook App ID from this link

Inserting Facebook App ID

Once you have get the Facebook App ID you can login to your website admin Dashboard and then go to the AlYoum > Theme Options > Social and place your Facebook App ID in the text field. Here we have shown the example for AlYoum theme but the steps remains the same for Master and Crystal theme as well.



Enabling Facebook Comments Feature

After adding the Facebook App ID the last step is pretty simple that is to enable the Facebook Comments Feature. You can simply go to your admin Dashboard > Theme Options > Article and you will find the option of enabling the Facebook Comments. Please enable the option, save changes and your Facebook Comments will start displaying on your blog.