How to install a WordPress Theme

There are many people which do not know how to install a WP theme and mostly run into different issues during the theme installation and ask other people to do for them. The theme installation is very easy you only have to follow a series of steps for installing theme which are same for both premium and free themes. There are two ways of installing the theme which are described below.

Install WordPress on server

You will be installing a WordPress theme so it is necessary to install a WordPress first on your hosting server since for theme installation it is required to install the WordPress first. You can download the latest version of the WordPress from the official website After installing WordPress you are ready to install the theme.

Installation via WP Admin Panel

You can install the WordPress theme from your admin Dashboard. You only have to go to your Dashboard > Appearance and there you will a see a list of available themes which comes with the WordPress.

  1. Click on the Add New button.
  2. Then click on the Upload Theme button.
  3. Upload your theme zip folder and wait for few minutes until the theme is installed and is available for activation.
  4. Once the theme is installed, you can activate the theme.


Please ensure that your server has not set low file upload size limit and maximum timeout limit. The file upload size limit can be changed in the php.ini file of your server. Find file_upload_max_size and set its value to 16MB or more.

file_upload_max_size = 16MB.

max_execution_time = 180

Installation via FTP or CPanel

If you are unable to install the theme through admin dashboard or your server has set low file upload size limit then the solution is to install the theme through FTP or CPanel.

  1. First step is to access your CPanel or FTP account and go to the path where you have installed the WordPress.
  2. Go at wp-content/themes path and upload your zipped theme folder.
  3. Extract the theme folder and remove the old zip theme folder.
  4. Go to your admin Dashboard > Appearance and you will see your installed theme.
  5. Click on the Activate button to activate the theme.


Theme installation through FTP may take time and you may run into problems if you have slow internet connection so the preferred way is through CPanel account.