Server Requirements for Importing Demo Data

It is very important that your server is properly configured before importing the demo data. There are different factors involved when your dummy data is not importing properly.

  1. If you are using shared hosting then you may face more issues since mostly in shared hosting you have limited resources such as limited bandwidth and limited memory which cause issues during the importing process.
  2. There is another factor which is also involved apart from the hosting such as if your server has set low file upload size limit and your xml file is of larger size than the upload size limit set by the server then you can still have issues during the demo data importing.
  3. Sometimes you are having a slow internet connection which usually breaks the connection with the server and your demo data is not imported properly. The reason behind that is the maximum execution timeout limit set by the server is usually set to 60 seconds, if the demo data xml file is of large size then it may require sometime maybe 180 seconds to import the demo data properly so if you have low timeout limit set then again you are inviting problems.
  4. Sometimes when you try to import the demo data it may result to internal server error 500 which is something related to the server configuration. It is good to have a good hosting with adequate resources so that you don’t run into memory issues.

Recommended Server Configuration

All these limitations can be removed by adjusting some settings on your server. You can adjust the settings inside your php.ini file as described below.

  • Set max_execution_time = 180 seconds or more
  • file_upload_max_size = 16MB (It will also help during theme installation from admin Dashboard if you have set file upload size limit to 16 MB)
  • memory_limit = 256MB

WordPress PHP Info Plugin

WordPress PHP Info plugin can be very useful in checking your server configuration settings. The plugin can help non technical users to diagnose server related issues and can provide you very useful feedback about your server settings. This simple plugin adds an option to an administrator's Tools menu which displays standard phpinfo() feedback details to the user. You can install the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory or from this link.

Why Failed to Import Error Is Caused

It is also noticed that when anyone try to import the demo data through the WordPress Importer they usually get some errors such as Failed to import and many people think this is an error but the fact is it is not an error. The main reason is described below.

  • Sometimes when you check the option of importing the demo data with media attachments, the media which may vary depending on the theme is usually in size and it takes more time to import the media and if the server maximum execution timeout limit gets expired it shows the message Failed to import and your demo data is not imported properly.

Solution For Failed to Import Error

  1. You can increase your maximum execution timeout limit in your php.ini file of your server and it set to 180 seconds which is approximately 4 minutes.
  2. In such cases it is good to check your posts and pages and analyze whether you want to again give a try to import demo data or you can start developing your site from the imported demo data since in most cases it is imported completely with some images being lost.
  • Note

If you are trying import the demo data again then first remove the existing data from your website so that it do not duplicates the data when you are importing again.

All these steps will help you in importing the demo data successfully without any complications of any theme and your time will be saved if you are on tight deadline.