General Information

We would like to thank you for purchasing AlYoum! We are very pleased you have chosen AlYoum for your website, you will not be disappointed! Before you get started, please be sure to always check out these documentation files. AlYoum can only be used with WordPress and we assume that you already have WordPress installed and ready to go. If you do not, please see our section on WordPress to help you get started.

If you are unable to find your answer here in our documentation, we encourage you to watch our Video Tutorials,  If you are unable to find the answer anywhere, then please go ahead and send us an E-mail , Please be sure to include your site URL as well. Thank you, we hope you enjoy using our products.

we would like to provide some resources intended for users who are new to WordPress but it may also be useful for the more experienced users.

WordPress presentation

WordPress Codex information

  • Installation – WordPress is easy to install
  • Pages vs. posts – Understand the differences between posts and pages
  • Posts – The articles/posts represent the content
  • Manage categories – Structure your content using categories
  • Tags – Group posts which have similar content
  • Pages – They have multiple usage from homepage to contact, from blog page to presentation pages, etc.

WordPress Video tutorials

Other resources