Setting Up Menus

You can set your menu settings the regular way like any other WordPress Theme, what we want to highlight here three new features in AlYoum:

1- Assign icon to Menu item

Go to the Menu page, in menu item settings you will find an input field called icon class, you can add any of the icons of Font Awesome, for example "fa fa-home".

2- Enable Mega Menu for Multi-threaded menus

In order to have this features works correctly, you need to have 3 or 4 sub menus and they should be equally in the number of sub-items to have the perfect looking. To Enable the Mega Menu, please go to the top menu item that hold all the sub-menus and enable the Mega Menu.

3- Enable Mega Menu for Categories

When you grab a Category item into the Menu, it catches by default the icon and the color of the category "see Dealing with Categories section to set icons and colors", also you will find options to enable the Mega Menu for the categories and order them based on the parameters you want.

You can review this video tutorial for more info and better illustration: